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Advocacy & Information

We are here to advocate with refugee and migrant women in the West Midlands, create information and inspire change in partnership with others. 

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Community Advocacy

We are  offering drop in advise (term time only) and an advice line Wednesdays 10-1pm, giving information, and connecting women to organisations that can assist.  We continue to provide advice on immigration, health, housing and money issues where there is capacity within the organisation. 



We link women into community resources at the food and baby banks, apply for destitution funds and give out hygiene products to combat period poverty.


CMWH & Shelter Partnership

We provide referrals to and advocacy casework assistance with forced migrant women housed in the Coventry Migrant Womens House (CMWH) Project a the Coventry Night Shelter.

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Development Work

We are improving our strategic governance and financial planning with the help of two job-sharing development workers.

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Policy & Advocacy

Advocacy with NRPF and asylum seeking women. Policy angle ensures women's voices are heard, and their problems addressed in a dignified and fair manner. Working with partners to shine a light on gender policies in practice. Educating and informing officials and the wider networks. Improving policies, and the lives of refugee and migrant women. 

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Social Change Group

We coordinate a monthly influencers group as part of the policy and advocacy project, to bring women together to find strength from each other as well as produce information to improve policy. We also work with the Women with Hope group to encourage positive social change. 

Therapeutic Project

Counselling sessions are offered by qualified therapists on a limited basis to women we are already assisting. 

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NRPF Womens Network Group

Women with lived experience of destitution and having no recourse to public funds will be steering an advisory group that will educate and inform us on how to ensure our services meet their needs.

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