Due to high demand for assistance, we are closed to new referrals at this time, unless women are homeless or destitute with NRPF. We apologise for any inconvenience, but hope that people can find help at the other projects assisting refugees and migrants in the area. 


Advocacy & Information

We are here to advocate with refugee and migrant women in the West Midlands, create information and inspire change in partnership with others. 

Community Advocacy

We are strengthening our community advocacy work. We have moved to the Jericho Foundation, and are currently offering booked appointments where essential, and phone and online appointments where possible. 


We link women into community resources and give out hygiene products to combat period poverty

CMWH Partnership

We provide advocacy casework assistance to forced migrant women housed in the Coventry Migrant Womens House Project. 

Specialist Housing Project

Gender and trauma informed casework with refugee and migrant women facing homelessness or precarious housing situations. Training for professionals and networking with other organisations to improve the system. 

Social Change Group

We coordinate a weekly group, to bring women together to find strength from each other as well as information on how to tackle a difficult system. 

Therapeutic Project

Wellbeing activites through self-care meetings for advocates and interpreters, acupuncture and counselling sessions, art workshops and well being groups.