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Our aim is that women have as much information, knowledge and support as possible to allow them to make informed decisions within a tough systemThey will be encouraged to weigh up decisions and consider what is best for them as individuals, as well as the wider effects for othersWomen will be provided with material about rights and responsibilities, including social and economic information about health, housing, finances, immigration status, volunteering, education and work, 1-1 with a caseworker and in groups

The team is led by Bridget, qualified Health and Social Care BSc (Hons) graduate, with a background in Journalism.  Bridget coordinated care in London, liaising with social workers to create  individualised plans, aswell record keeping and organising the team.  She has been an advocate with Baobab since 2016, supporting women to attend external appointments, following up cases with legal representatives and the Home Office, referring to charities, filling forms and organising meetings. In 2017 she coordinated community activities at the Kushinga Garden, in partnership with gardeners, trustees and lead coordinators. Bridget also volunteers at women with Hope, coordinating weekly meetings, social outings and debriefing to the team.  


Espoir, Loraine, Rani, Shalom and Talha advocate with women, they and been on various trainings including ASAP courses, PAP DPG Law Training, Safeguarding Adults Level 2, Gender and Trauma Informed Approaches to Housing and Homelessness, Tactic Legal training and  are using their skills and initiative to support others, while gaining more experience and knowledge. Former advocates Gimbi and Hannan have moved to engage in different forums, staying connected to women as interpreters, campaigns and social activists. Jabeen is studying further as a teacher and Saku is focusing on her legal qualifications. We know they will both be amazing once they get back in the classroom and court room. Saku is running art sessions with women to improve their well being and we have dreamed of developing a cv writing job club project once Jabeen can help women learn. Hanieh moved to London

Orit, Gulla & Muna are interpreters who support advocates. Gaja and Rakinder are a university students who help advocates research, edit emails and draft letters as needed.  

Hilary, retired GP supports women with health problems, seeing them for a discussion about what's needed, and communicating with their GP's.

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