Community Advocacy


Our advocacy is our primary purpose, everything stems from the support and solidarity we have with women going through a difficult system. 

It was initially funded by LUSH in 2017, who gave money for 6 advocates to be trained and volunteer for a year to give advice, then Big Lottery gave us funding for a year to develop and expand our advocacy to a formal drop in, in 2018, which established us firmly in the local community. 

In 2019 year we continued to provide advocacy, as well as train advocates and women with Wisdom Factory and Help Refugees funding. Below we published a few summaries of information from advocacy sessions held monthly at Elmwood Church. 

In 2020 we continue to get Help Refugees Funding for voluntary advocacy. During covid the number of women asking for help increased. We gained worker funds via the COVID-19 Response Fund for BME Women's Organisations. Administered by Rosa, the UK Fund for Women and Girls and having organisational support from Imkaan to grow our organisation positively. We will grow over the next year to be able to more fully response to women's needs and support volunteers. Help Refugees continue to provide funds for volunteer advocates. 

Barrow Cadbury Trust/The National Lottery Community Fund COVID Support Fund


During Covid-19 we had to adapt our services to engage safely with women and reduce infection. This meant more phone and follow up appointments done. We also got an office as our drop in had to close. Thanks to Barrow Cadbury and the we have computers to work on the the office, as well as phones and topup credit for advocates. 

Where can i get Help? 

Our Health and GP session was from advocate Tahira Jabeen:  it started with an introduction and explanation of the topic, and its importance, moving onto health charges, health organisations, discussions and feedback.  

Sarah Taal discussed:  What is a charity, who helps new commitities arriving in the UK? We talked about big to small charities and organisations, that have a purpose to help with particular things, for example health, legal housing and education problems.