[covid-19 policy] EU homeless rights after Brexit

With apologies for cross posting, please find attached a research report published by PILC at the beginning of the month.

The report, entitled Still Here: Defending the rights of homeless EU citizens after Brexit and Covid-19, is based on research, casework and litigation undertaken through our EU homeless rights project (2018-21).

Among the report’s key findings are:

  • EU citizens living in the UK experienced large-scale destitution and rights violations before Brexit

  • The legal exclusion of many EU citizens from social assistance was a major cause of destitution, including rough sleeping, while homeless EU citizens were especially at risk of not having their rights upheld by statutory agencies

  • The UK’s departure from the EU is likely to exacerbate the rights issues faced by marginalised Europeans, with a significant number becoming undocumented during 2021. Such EU citizens will lose access to essential services and social provision and could end up being deported

  • With notable exceptions, the homelessness sector in the shape of local authorities and commissioned services is failing homeless EU citizens. The opportunity presented by Covid-19 to ‘bring everyone in’ has only partly been grasped. The government’s new rough sleeping rule is likely to further damage this group’s already-fragile trust in support services

  • The homelessness sector must discard passive, ‘pragmatic’ and technocratic thinking about non UK-national homelessness in favour of a rights and social justice-based approach. This needs to include challenging government policy by asserting the right to shelter—and to remain—of all EU citizens living in the UK

For more information and a recording of our online launch event featuring Mihai Calin Bica from Roma Support GroupPolina Manolova from the University of Tübingen, and Agnieszka Radziwinowiczówna from the University of Warsaw, please see: https://www.pilc.org.uk/news/story/pilc-launches-eu-homeless-rights-report/

New Jobcentre Site

Please find attached details of a new temporary Jobcentre that has opened in Birmingham – this site is in addition to the planned move of Birmingham Central JCP (Broad Street) to the address at Summer Hill, which will be happening in the next couple of weeks.

We can confirm that a new temporary site at 52 Summer Hill Road, Birmingham B1 3RB. has been identified as suitable space to open a temporary Jobcentre.

From the 30th June, this site will service the following postcodes for Universal Credit Full Service Claims:
B7 4, B7 5, B8 1, B10 0, B10 9, B12 0, B12 8, B12 9

The entrance to the Jobcentre can be found on Camden Street, B1 3DE.


All of your claimants that this affects will have been sent a message via their Journal. I would also like to remind you that face to face appointments have resumed and are increasingly the preferred method of interacting with our claimants, it is important that claimants check they type of appointment booked for them, and attend as appropriate. Failure to attend can affect their benefit, however as I am aware you are supporting a vulnerable client group, therefore, if any issues arise that cannot be resolved at the local Jobcentre, please contact me direct and I will do my best to find a solution.

 West midlands Anti Slavery Network Newsletter - July 2021

Please find attached the latest edition of the West Midlands Anti Slavery .







young change maker.png

Webinar 15 July: Protecting our Children, Defending our rights

THUR 15 JULY, 6-8 pm 

Protecting our children, Defending our rights – UK & US

Ending “child welfare’s” massive and heartless removal of children
from low-income mothers and families, often children of colour. 

·       LAUNCH of UK and US self-help guides for mothers and other primary caregivers struggling to protect our children from arbitrary state removal, forced adoptions, and violent fathers.

·       LAUNCH of new research based on casework in the UK over the past four years: who is being targeted, the reasons given, impact on children, mothers’ personal experiences of going through sexist, racist, disablist and class biased family courts.

·       LAUNCH of SNS in the US which brings together campaigners coast to coast.

Panel includes: mothers from different communities in UK and US, DCFS/DHS Give Us Back Our Children, Disabled Mothers’ Rights campaign, Every Mother Is a Working Mother Network, Global Women’s Strike (GWS), Legal Action for Women, Psychotherapy & Counselling Union, Women Against Rape, Women of Colour/GWS, others tbc.

Register free on Eventbrite here.  Email us if support needed.

British Sign Language/English interpretation and speech-to-text

For more information contact:

 UK: sns@legalactionforwomen.net 0207 482 2496

Philadelphia: philly@allwomencount.net 215-848-1120 

Los Angeles: la@allwomencount.net  323-276-9833



Mini-Grants for Young People!


Initiative grant scheme for 11-19 year old. With help of Burns Price Foundation, gives access to £100 starter grants to young people aged 11-19 to work on STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, math) related projects that help them gain new skills and also create a positive benefit to their community.


A pilot last year and we successfully helped 2 refugee youth apply for the funding and complete their projects https://peacejamforaninclusiveeurope.org/first-winners-of-the-peacejam-laureate-of-the-future-programme/


See on flyer to the left, which you can share with young people for The Change-Makers Initiative grant scheme where we are giving £100 in mini-grants to young people and can claim up to £5000 in grants later on.


Here is the website link for more info https://burnspricefoundation.org.uk/the-change-makers-initiative


And here is the application form https://bit.ly/TheChange-MakersInitiaitveGrant


Here is the story of our very first Change-Maker


To give you an example of the sort of projects young people can apply for

  • inviting scientists to talk to young people about their research

  • partnering with companies offering digital work experience opportunities to young people

  • creating an art show featuring engineers and their journey into their field

  • organizing a science fair with your school

  • starting an after school math club

Rosa Book Download 

For your free copy of our book - download here - we are selling people copies for £10 to raise money for our advocacy project - so please feel free to share this link which talks about the launch last night and gives a link so people can buy it https://www.baobabwomensproject.net/post/exciting-book-launch-evening-voices-from-the-frontline

Please do not share the download unless its with people who don't have money to buy it!!  

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