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Asylum and Immigration Legal representatives

Search the OISC website for registered OISC Agencies or the Law Society

Immigration and Asylum law is a minefield, one person can promise you the right to remain, while another will say you must go back to your country.

Always get a client care letter, (and confirm costs if private work) before instructing anyone. Generally you need a 50% chance of success to get legal aid to pay for your solicitor, so if you cannot get this, and a private solicitor is charging you its likely you will lose your money, although the insanity of immigration decision making mean there’s always a chance you can get papers, or not.

Legal aid pays for very little time, so you need to pay attention to your case, and help your solicitor understand your need for protection.

The Right to Remain Toolkit is good place to start to understand your own case.

Legal Action for Women

Self-help guide for Asylum Seekers and their supporters against detention and deportation T: 020 7482 2496, 

Firms we know who work with legal aid cases, or give free legal advice we wrote in the pdf above. 

'I've been waiting for more than 12 months for an asylum decision, what can i do?'

Layla had been moved to Glasgow from Birmingham and was struggling while waiting for a decision on her Fresh Claim. Her solicitor was in Birmingham, and she had spoken to them already. They had written to the Home Office to ask for a decision on her further submissions case. 

I suggested getting a copy of the letter the solicitor sent, and take it to the MP who can ask the Home Office why theres a delay on a decision. Sometimes waiting is best, as if the decision is negative then she could be destitute again. I also suggested that after 12 months of having a case outstanding she can apply for the right to work which would allow her to start her life again in part. Although i did warn the shortage of occupational jobs list was usually applied, but with the new trafficking case saying the SOl list not ok, perhaps that could help asylum seeking women. 

'One of my friend's send this to me, I don't how true it is. Did you know anything about it please?'

If you know anyone currently with a two and a half years visa , kindly inform them that they are now changing it to indefinite leave to remain now  and it’s totally free! Call this number to find out your eligibility if you’re unsure 03001237379. Someone you know might need this if you do not, kindly forward'

Let me check this with a legal advisor to see if its real news- 

This is the number for the eu settlement scheme if you search online so applies to EU citizen applications. 'EU Settlement Scheme Resolution. Centre by telephone: Inside the UK 0300 123 7379. Outside the UK + 44 (0) 20 3080 0010 


So I think if your European, or dependent of a European national this will apply to you.


'No I'm not my own is  on British child'.

It may not be for you - its like the rumour that anyone can apply for settlement and lots of asylum seekers did it recently, but it was only for refugees - see a registered OISC advisor (list given)

This discribes the EU scheme

With British child you can get 30 months discretionary leave if your the primary carer

Get Legal Advice -  always talk to an advisor about anything legal, and if it doesn't sound right, or it costs a lot of money, check with another advisor!

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