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EEA family permits and domestic violence

It's a worrying practice that women are refused access to DV refuges because of their immigration status. And sickening Social Services are able to threaten to take children from their mothers and give to the father as there is a no means for women to support them independently. 

We have had two cases in the last week around these issues. 

As wives of European citizens women are being told they have no access to benefits. 

I am hoping this article helps us find the right ways to assist women to get through this. 

Legal advisors here are saying after three years there's a retained right of residence, having proof of the European exercising treaty rights is a must, but there IS an entitlement to benefits. 

This is a complex area that needs understanding by workers who have refused refuge access as they said there is NRPF, or allowed it as the SS NRPF referred and are paying. 

There is a query about legal advice being obtained, as immigration advice is not free for EEA cases. How do they regularise there stay and get papers for benefits with no money. 

Women, particularly those without language, are lost. Working together with community interpreters, Womens Aid (DV support) the Red Cross and Hope Projects (destitution support), Salman Mirza and Hope Projects (legal advice) I hope will allow these cases to be resolved. 

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