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When can I apply for the right to work?

“I have been waiting one year next month for a decision after my substantive interview and want to apply for the right to work, I have many skills to contribute and find relying on asylum support really hard, can I work?”

You can apply for the right to work a year after you claim asylum, from the date it was recorded. 

Home Office website wording: a decision will usually be made on straightforward claims within 6 months. If you have waited longer than 12 months for us to make an initial decision on your claim, you can request permission to work. 

Louise Smith, wrote on About Immigration Website about ‘European Law and the “Reception Directive” on Asylum Seekers:Under a European law relating to asylum – known as the “Reception Directive” - asylum seekers can expect a certain level of treatment whilst their application is being considered. The law states that asylum seekers are entitled to have a “dignified standard of living” whilst their application is processed.’

Home Office - Permission to Work and Volunteer for Asylum Seekers Policy from 2017 here.  

When they do give permission to work, they only do it under the shortage of occupational jobs list, available on the Government website here .  

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