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No Borders on Buses Campaign Launch

Espoir, Baobab volunteer with various other hats, and Loraine, CARAG chair were speakers highlighting women's experiences of travel when destitute or in asylum support this week.

A group of 3 young people from UpRising Leadership Development Programme cinvited them to be part of their social change campaign.

The social action campaign asks locally for a policy change so that public transport would be significantly reduced or free for asylum seekers. The full mission is to improve asylum seekers' quality of life by helping them to attend mandatory Home Office sign ins, crucial solicitors appointments and enabling integration through the opening up of access to public transport across the West Midlands.

Espoir spoke about the importance of travel, discussing the essential of signing and solicitors, to the enjoyable which improves mental health, and allows those seeking protection to have normal interactions. Linking to Lift the Ban - if women could work no subsidy would be needed. She gave examples and reasons in an clear and knowledgable way.

Loraine spoke about reasons people sought refuge, and the effects of destitution, the joint report we published, the 4 D's, Destitution, Detention, Deportation and Death that come with asylum refusals, as well as suggesting that buses were a place of safety for homeless women, being warm and dry. Another clear and thought proving talk.

For more info theres social media channels @NoBorderOnBuses on Twitter and Instagram and @NoBordersOnBusesgroup on Facebook

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