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Christmas Gifts and thanks to the Children's Society

In Christmas 2020 the Children Society gave us gifts & toys to give out for Christmas. We picked stuff up in van from Karis Neighbours Scheme and stored all items in our Jericho office. We have been distributing goodies at appointments and groups ever since.

The gifts have supported children and women to have a delightful Christmas as others do, and not to feel left behind. Every child and family matters during the Christmas festivities. Because Children’s Society were so generous with the number of presents we were given, we have been able to bring joy to families throughout the years.

An Iranian woman called Fatima with a 5-year-old boy benefitted. They live in section 17 support as she has NFPF, and no right to work. She has a small

amount of money to live on. We gave her body wash, and her son a Lego toy. He started building the toy while mum and her advocate attended a court

hearing with a volunteer family lawyer.

Big love and thanks to the Children Society and all the wonderful people who donated toys and women’s gifts to them at Christmas.

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