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Community Research Training with University of Birmingham

Baobab has 13 new Community Researchers training as a team with the Community Research Training Program at Birmingham Uni

In Unit 1- we will learn Research Design - attending the training sessions in May and June at the uni. Here we meet mentors and trainers. We choose our research topic, design a topic guide, practice and learn interview skills and gel as a team.

Unit 2 - Data Collection using interview techniques. Women will go out and conduct 3 interviews to get accreditation and de-brief with their mentor after each interview.

Unit 3 - Data Analysis: sessions for data analysis prices and co- designing recommendations for CIRC - a new Community Research Institute at Birmingham Un. Working together in Sept and Oct to learn and practice Report writing, the summary report will take a full day to write up.

Spaces are funded for tuition, travel expenses, plus childcare. Women will get a Level 1,2 or 3 Diploma in research qualification at the end of the course depending on the level of their written assignments and analysis.

We hope that once women get the qualification they will design and run their own research projects as part of Baobab or as their own indepenedent CIC, in partnership with the Institute for Community Research at the Uni.

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