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Four women

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Helen, Harmony, Lucy, Nadia are four women at different stages of the asylum process, 3 refused the other just starting. Took inspiration from Nina Simone Four women ( to write something brief that says something about refusals, what people need protection from, what Home Office does, and who helps. Pain is one colour but it looks different on different skins....

My skin is black

My case got refused

My family got killed

My country has gas and oil

Im strong enough to take the incomprehension of my situation

I will find new evidence to prove what I said before

They called two charities

The name is Help Refugees

The name is CMWH

My skin is yellow

My case got refused

My family tried to kills me

I belong to no-one

If returned I will belong to my brothers

Before I’m killed

They called the Asylum Support Tribunal

The named solicitors from ASAP represented

The Home Office with no name wait for my fresh reps

My skin is tan

My case got refused

I loved when I shouldn’t

I was raped and disowned

I have no money to buy a house

They called me a liar, we called charities

The name is BIRCH

The name is Hope Projects

My skin is brown

My case hasn’t been heard

I’ll sue the Home Office

My life has been too tough

They put me in a city, I suffered DV

Then they say I didn’t move and evict me

Because they cannot read emails and licence agreements

We called Home Office Fail to travel team, G4s, Migrant Help.

Now we call Refugee Council, Beacon and Bhatia Best.

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