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Help Out there Covid-19

Coronovirus solidarity network

Birmingham Community Solidarity - Coronovirus response #brumtogether

Birmingham Youth here to help - support and deliveries of essential items

Delivering items to someone in self isolation protocol

Energy Bill help for vulnerable people

Facebook Birmingham Community Solidarity network

Find your local group

Below is a google doc which contains useful links to more than 700 local Facebook groups which have already been set up where people are working together to make sure the most vulnerable are being supported.

Also, to add another group which isn't already on the list click below:

‼Please spread far and wide.‼ The source for the link is a Team Momentum email.

Muslim Mamas

Lots of people have been asking about what is the best online platform to use to continue their activities. Here is a useful document I've been shared through the Techfugees FB Group - The Ultimate Webinar Livestreaming List

Housing for people with NRPF

Outreach teams are trying to ensure that everyone is able to access these spaces and stay safe during this uncertain time and would like your help to support this. You can refer anyone to a bed space via <> or by calling 0800 880 7157.

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