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Increasing asylum support rates in line with Universal credit

We added our name to an open letter to the Home Secretary & Chancellor of the Exchequer, which calls for an 'immediate increase the support available to those in the asylum system, who are in desperate need of the same financial uplift in order to meet the essential living needs of themselves and their families... increase of £20 per week to section 98, section 95 and section 4 support for the next 12 months in the first instance, in line with the increase in Universal Credit. We are also asking that Section 4 support be paid in cash.

Women we support often supplement their asylum support with donations from charities for hygiene products and food staples. All local projects have closed due to the Coronovirus. They also need phone credit so they can stay informed and connected, allowing them to know how to protect themselves against the virus and lowering mental health distress and worries. 

We hope for a speedy and useful response. As the letter states 'The virus does not discriminate and neither must we.'

Visit the Freedom from Torture Website, who coordinated this letter for more information.

To join the call for asylum allowance to be increased by £20 per week due to the impact of the Coronavirus crisis today - sign their petition.

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