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Joining the Women in Refugee Law (WiRL) Group


·       Diversity – we are a diverse membership in respect to gender, sector, discipline and region

·       Collaboration – we work collaboratively to advance the network’s objectives

·       Knowledge – the network has knowledge production and sharing at its centre


Women in Refugee Law is a network which, " brings together asylum seeking and refugee women, senior and early career scholars, practitioners, policymakers and activists from all states and jurisdictions to re-centre the study of refugee women within refugee law, policy and practice." The core values of the network are: diversity, collaboration and knowledge. These values align with Baobab and we are excited to join the network to improve access to legal help that brings barriers for women in the asylum system. 

Legal advice and representation has left many people unable to have legal representation when fighting for their right to stay. The lack of legal support leaves those who are most vulnerable in terrible circumstances. This affects vulnerable women who have experienced traumatic journeys and leaves them in the hands of injustice. 

We hope that collaborating with the Women in Refugee Law Network will give opportunities to women seeking refuge and asylum. Giving us and women we are working with help to understand more and ensure that women's voices are heard in policy discourse and academia related to refugee protection. 

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