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Refugee Week Film

We have been having online zoom catch up support meetings for women throughout this crisis. Loraine encouraged us working on what we imagine for refugee week - we decided to make a short film. Some women shared snippets in zoom meetings, others sent voice clips, some gave their photos for women who wanted to be anonymous.

A big thank you to all.

Introduced by 'Unlimited Love' a poem by one of our members from Vietnam

A mother gives birth to a baby but then cannot take care of and raise the child, it is like a young tree withering without water.

When the second mother picked up the child and nurtured the child to grow up to bring a new life, this child was like being born a second time, it was like the withered young tree being resurrected by the rain coming from the sky.

“There is a tree, there is a forest"

I wish that I am also a young tree in that forest. The second mother like the rain is you, you are helping me and helping the women, women like me, giving us new life.

Please, be the rain that gives us a new life and erase the sad memories of the old life, don't throw us away and ignore us, don't let young trees like us dry up once again.

Access the film here on our utube channel.

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