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Raising Voices from the Frontline

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

What we want to change, the injustice that we are trying to fix.

We want to improve immigration decisions, which leads to destitution and lack of access to healthcare, for any woman, particularly those escaping violence. No women should be destitute.

Who we want to influence. Who has the power to make that change.

We want to influence women’s capacity to understand and influence their own lives, empowering them to take issues to policy makers and politicians who can make change, in partnership with other groups.

How we will influence the people with the power to make that change.

We will bring voices of lived experience to policy makers and politicians as well as the general public, we believe that change comes from the top down and bottom up. We will work alongside other groups, there is a coalition meeting we recently attended organised by Women for Refugee Women and NACCOM that wants to address destitution.

We are going to run workshops with women to help them understand what change needs to happen and they will think how to make the change. Women with lived experience and professionals will train groups, producing a book, with photos and art works.

We had our first planning meeting Monday, Rani, Jabeen and Espoir, strong knowledgable women, experts by experience are leading the project, planning workshops together. Our initial brainstorming group with women will start the 9th of September.

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