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Rosa Rise Fund Success and Development Worker Job Opportunity

We are very excited to say we were successful with a bid to the Rosa Rise Fund - see their blog on sucessful applicants. After a conversation on budget, we signed our grant agreement and are now recruiting for the position.

We are looking for an experienced and dynamic development worker who will direct operations at a strategic level over a 2 year period.

The Program Outcomes will:

  1. Review our strategic and financial planning documents making them clearer to the team, beneficiaries and partners.

  2. Focus on implementing strategic & financial plans, developing governance, effective leadership and financial sustainability.

  3. Improve our CRM database system with caseworkers to better demonstrate the impact of our work.

  4. Work with directors and finance to raising funds so workers can have sustainable jobs.

  5. Develop more effective governance within the organisation, supporting workers, volunteers and beneficiaries who had lived experience to become directors, or steering group members.

  6. Establish better alliances with other women’s organisations.

Full job description and person specification here:

Development worker Job description & person Specification
Download PDF • 114KB

Please share widely and apply if you have the skills to work with us, we would love to hear from you. Position also live on

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