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SGVB SEREDA Report and House of Lords Meeting

We find almost all women we support have had experiences of gender based violence like those discussed in the recently launched SEREDA research. Over 20 of the Women participants in the research are supported by Baobab, surviving rape and sexual violence in their home countries, on their journeys and in the 'safe' European countries they seek asylum in due to systemic failures of human rights and refugee protection. Gimbi Cham, an advocate and influencer, contributed on Baobab's behalf to the House of Lords meeting organised by Birmingham University to promote their findings saying we support the recommendations made by the SEREDA Project.

Particularly we want to see a central body with SGBV responsibility, where there will be well trained and trauma informed decision makers. Considering the recent report from the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration 'An Inspection of Asylum Casework' decision makers have a lack of training, as well as an ignorance of country conditons. Having decision makers who are competant and knowledgeable in these areas will improve if there is mainstreaming of SGBV responsbility. We know survisiors understand, and strongly advocate for them being in the centre of any model to address the issues. Having lived through violence, we also need to be sensitive to their need to stop reliving the trauma and have appropriate support and recognition during engagement. Believing women in their protection claims, rather than refusing them as a norm, then making women destitute must change.

Gimbi explained after to other refugee and migrant women on our whats app group saying 'It was a great launch, the room was full of positive women, Jess Phillips asked to me send support to you and that she will do everything she can to make Asylum Seekers and Refugees voices heard, working very hard to make the government take positive decisions for all women and children.'

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