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Information & Raising awareness

That we are all human, with skills and dreams. There is much exploitation and discrimination affecting refugee and migrant women who are undocumented. We highlight postive projects and activities, which are many, but easily overlooked. We cooperate with people who can or want to change things personally and structurally


Of skills and dreams

That we are all human

Cooperating with others

Challenging discrimination

We work with universities, local and migrant communities, the voluntary sector and statutory sector to share knowledge through training, newsletters, online material, research and events.


Sharing experiences and information will enable more people understand how discrimination issues affect asylum seeking, refugee and migrant women, women will become less excluded and be treated in a fairer more equitable way.


As individuals work together within the community they will grow in confidence and solidarity to give mutual support and assistance to each other.

We raise awareness of the different forms of exploitation and discrimination affecting refugee and migrant women and support them to find a positive ways to live life. Our aims are to find ways to influence positive social change so that issues are prevented from repeating. We have worked with local and national organisations on asylum accommodation standards, and contributed to the national NGO coalition to lift the ban, supported end detention campaigns and destitution initiatives, and attended the UN CEDAW - UK State review on violence against women in 2018-2019. 


We share knowledge and experience on important issues through this website, twitter, meetings, training, research & events working with, local and migrant groups, universities, the voluntary sector and statutory sector. 

Currently Baobab is a member of the ASAN Asylum Support Network, Hope Projects Destitution Group, the Regional Destitution Network Group, the Migration Forum, the West Midlands Anti Slavery Network and the Gender and Sexual Based Violence Community of Practice. 

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