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We know women often need resources and have always connected women to resource centres and destitution funds, our main partners are the Hope Projects, Red Cross, KARIS Neighbours Scheme, Narthex Resource Centre, St Chads, The Jubilee Storehouse.


As we grow and are seeing around 15 women a week at the Jericho Foundation, women bring us items they want to give back, and we occasionally have donations delivered as well, so can give clothes, presents and pads to women and children. 

We have destitution grants to give to women unable to get other help, from Choose Love and Women with Hope. We have had Christmas presents from Childrens Society for the last 2 years. 

The first and most important issue we are addresssing is period poverty - thanks to donations from Bloody Good Period, and Choose Love partners we are able to give pads and pants to refugee and migrant women who are struggling with poverty. 

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