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Who we are

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Chef & Organiser, Steering Group

Agnes Tanoh

Leader, Organiser, Campaigner, French Interpreter

Agnes is involved because she have always loved to support and help others, she has worked as an interpreter, is a good listener and carer to others.

Who we are

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Amrita Dhinsa

​CAAT Activist​, qualified barrister, trainee solicitor

Amrita is involved because she believes in Baobab's work and vision. As a director she can input into strategy and draw on my experience in regulation, law and policy.

Who we are



Beth Ash

Night Shelter Coordinator, Coventry Migrant Women's House Trustee, CARAG member, Coventry Peace House Coop Member.

Beth is involved because she is excited by grass roots community projects, wants to learn more about casework & nurture social change. She  brings logic, calm, focus, peace and reflection to the team, along with an enthusiasm for checklists and spreadsheets.

Who we are


Advocacy and Volunteer Coordinator

Bridget Obi

Journalist and community organiser, Health and Social Care BA Hons (First)

Bridget is involved because she loves to challenge inequality in the society. She brings knowledge, energy, creativity, and compassion  to the project.

Who we are

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Trainee Advocate, Interpreter, Steering Group

Espoir Njei

Qualification LL.B in Common Law and MA. in Business Administration and volunteer support

Espoir is  involved because she dreams to belong to a society free of injustice, sexual discrimination, inequality and torture. She brings empowerment, hard work, equality, love, stress free therapy and french language to the group.

Who we are


Campaigner, Steering Group

Gimbi Cham

MSC in Accounting and Financial management, Employed at BMW

Gimbi has been an Advocate since I was 11 year old, she wanted all the  girls in Gambia to be sent to school. With  Baobab Womens project she strives to make sure that women are not  left behind. She listens and help them them in the UK. She can speak a little French & German, as well as Mindinka, Fula(pullar) and  Wollof.

Who we are

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Chef & Steering Group

Gulla Barin

Interpreter in Arabic and Kurdish Sorani

Gulla likes to work with humanitarian organizations for women, because is one of them, whether in her country of northern Iraq or the UK. When you give others, not just wish or think about it, but you do it, you'll feel like you're human.  She  finds strength in participation and cooperation, because the expected result is not how much you did,  but what are doing together. 

Who we are

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Distance Advocate & Interpreter

Hanieh Navadeh

Interpreter in Farsi, Persian Farsi & IT Professional

Hanieh is involved because she has always loved to support and help others, She has  worked as an interpreter, am a good listener and carer to others.

Who we are


Interpreter & Trainee Advocate 

Hannan Abdullah

University Student, Speaks Arabic and Tigrenyan

Hannan is  an active and ambitious woman who cares deeply about social justice. She is reliable and an excellent Interpreter. 

Who we are

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Poet & Campaigner

Malka Al-Haddad

Women's Rights Activist, Academic, Leicester Civil Rights Movement Organiser, Registered with Irish International Foundation ' Front Line Defenders' for the protection of Human Rights and Leicester City of Sanctuary. 

Malka isinvolved because she is  interested in different cultures and the issues of international human rights and peaceful cooperation between different ethnic and religious groups. She brings active campaigning and networking experience. She is a strong advocate for human rights in the UK and Iraq. 

Who we are

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Muna Mohamed

Interpreter in Tigrenya, Arabic and Amharic

Muna is involved because she cares about women and is an active member of the community people come to for advice. She brings connections and lived experience. 

Who we are



Orit Zeydi

Interpreter in Amharic & Arabic

Orit is a dedicated interpreter, kind, and stopping people word for word, not summarising or advising. She also gives good advice when needed and has lots of experience from other advice work to help advocates! 

Who we are

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Advocate & Steering Group

Rani Kaur

Accountant, Finance Coordinator

Rani is involved because she is passionate to help women who are destitute. In current society women are still forced to be vunerable. She helps them to a make a stand with her qualities of listening  & interpreting Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and some Swahili.

Who we are


Director & Advocate

Sarah Taal

BA in International Relations, MA in Migration and Social PolicyFormer Therapeutic Service, Housing and Women's Refugee and Migrant Project Worker. trustee of various destitution organisations.

Sarah is involved because women connecting to Baobab  give her energy to challenge social injustices, and knowledge about the world. She brings experience, loyalty, hard work and persistence. 

Who we are

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 Advocate, Accounts Assistant & Administrator

Shalom Dula

Accounts, Administration & Public Relations

Shalom is involved because it makes her happy to see people get the help they need in time, and feels positive with herself that shes the person filling the gap. 

Who we are


Accounts &  Fundraising Coordinator

Talhatou Diallo

Accountant Trainee

Talha cares about others and creating a more equal world.  She  brings organisation, listening, form filling, french Language and logic experience to the project. 

Hilary, retired GP,  Sarah, Retired Speech and Language Therapist, Gaja, Researcher, Gaynor, Acupuncturist, Mus, Community Organiser and Volunteers, Fundraisers & Advocate Supporters. 

We thank former advocates Tahira Jabeen and Sakunthala Wimalathissa who have moved onto exciting opportunities for all their help and assistance with women attending the drop in, and time building the advocacy project. 

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