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Bridget Obi

Financial Resilience Advocate

Bridget is involved because she loves to challenge inequality in the society. She brings knowledge, energy, creativity, and compassion  to the project.

Phone Call


Community Advocate Administrator 

Shalom our amazing former adminstrator got a full time post, therefore we are recruiting for this position. Currently the advise line is being answered by Sarah. 


Talhatou Diallo

Accounts Coordinator

Talha cares about others and creating a more equal world.  She  brings organisation, listening, form filling, french Language and accounts logic and experience to the project. 


Sarah Taal

Advocacy and Policy

Sarah is involved because women connecting to Baobab  give her energy to challenge social injustices, and knowledge about the world. She brings experience, loyalty, hard work and persistence. 


Christine Whitehorn

Casework Supervisor

Christine is involved because of her knowledge and experience in the sector as a former women's worker at ASIRT.  She is also  a Link worker at Cape Hill Medical Centre.

Bridget advocates with women who have been granted residence, helping them with financial transitions.


She assists women with benefits including council tax, housing benefit, child benefit and universal credit. She raises awareness of job, skill and volunteer opportunities, and well as provides advice on utilities and grants.


Instead of being a 'caseworker' doing all the work for women, she empowers beneficiaries to understand how to address the problems themselves, mentoring them to take control of the work they can. This will take longer but we hope this approach will allow women to become skilled as their own advocates making them financially resilient.

All incoming queries or calls are dealt with by our Community Advocate Administrator. She takes basic details and asking what help/assistance is required. She assesses the issue and either refers the matter internally or signposts it to another organisation. All queries and calls on Wednesdays only between 10AM-1PM.

Community advocates working with us include Bridget  & Sarah,

 they and been on various trainings including ASAP courses, PAP DPG Law Training, Safeguarding Adults Level 2, Gender and Trauma Informed Approaches to Housing and Homelessness, Tactic Legal training and  are using their skills and initiative to support others, while gaining more experience and knowledge. Hilary, retired GP supports women with health problems, seeing them for a discussion about what's needed, and communicating with their GP's.

Orit, Hannan, Aida & Muna are interpreters who support advocates. ​

Talhatou studied accounts in Senegal and has a degree qualification, she is currently studying further so  she can be a registered  accountant in the UK. Shalom works with Talhatou on accounts, she has extensive experience working with an NGo in Ethiopia. They are both supported by our accountants Boffix. 

They are both completing an accounts course giving them both extensive knowledge on Quickbooks, as well as HMRC courses. 

Shalom is involved because it makes her happy to see people get the help they need in time, and feels positive with herself that shes the person filling the gap. 

Sarah is also a Baobab Director: BA in International Relations, MA in Migration and Social Policy. Former Therapeutic Service, Housing and Women's Refugee and Migrant Project Worker. trustee of various destitution organisations.

Beth Ash: Night Shelter Coordinator, Coventry Migrant Women's House Trustee, CARAG member, Coventry Peace House Coop Member.

Beth is involved because she is excited by grass roots community projects, wants to learn more about casework & nurture social change. She  brings logic, calm, focus, peace and reflection to the team, along with an enthusiasm for checklists and spreadsheets.

Amrita Dhinsa: ​CAAT Activist​, qualified barrister & solicitor

Amrita is involved because she believes in Baobab's work and vision. As a director she can input into strategy and draw on my experience in regulation, law and policy

Steering group members: Agnes Tanoh, Espoir Njei, Shalom Dula, Musurat Dar, Gimbi Cham and Loraine Mponela, are experts with lived experience and supprot campaigns and events we have to promote our work. 

Additional supporters and volunteers include: Malka Al- Haddad - Poetry writer and fundraiser. Jenipher Mumba & Josiane Youmssi - Administration and Office Support. Jenny Congrave - independent consultant working with feedback collection, strategic and fundraising plans. 

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